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What is a scholarly or peer reviewed article?

And how do I find one?
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015  |  11 Views

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Scholarly or peer-reviewed journals are also known as academic or refereed journals. They typically have the following characteristics:

Appearance: Generally have a sober, serious look. May contain graphs and charts, but few glossy pages or photographs. Use scholarly language with vocabulary specific to their profession or field.

Audience: Written for academics and professionals.

Author/Authority: Articles written by researchers or scholars in the field who report the results of original research.

Citations: Articles include footnotes and a list of citations at the end of the article.

Content: Includes scholarly research for a particular profession or industry.

Frequency: Usually published bimonthly or quarterly.

Examples: American Economic Review, JAMA: Journal of the American Medial Association, Journal of Convention and Event Tourism, Reading and Writing Quarterly

You can find scholarly articles by browsing through the print journals in the Library's magazine area. The Library also provides access to thousands of journals via our Article Databases. Most of these databases have the option (a check box) to search only scholarly articles.

For more information on distinguishing between different types of periodicals, visit the Library's Research Process guide.

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