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How do I get to my Z drive?

I heard every student has data storage space on the Johnson & Wales server. How do I access it?
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015  |  6 Views

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Student Home Directories (Network Storage Space for Students)
Students are given access to a network drive space for class-related work. This drive is only accessible from campus computer lab machines and provides secure storage space for data which is backed up regularly.

  • Home drives show up as Z: when you log into the network on a computer lab machine. (double click “My Computer” on the desktop).
  • You cannot store illegal, or illegally obtained/copyrighted material on the drive.
  • The data stored there should be considered convenient "working copies" (nothing archival, or static in nature should be there).
  • The data is only available from the campus computer lab machines, it can't be accessed from home, ResNet, or the web.
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